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Who We Are


The group is a social and support group for all that identify as within the Trans sphere and their partners; but please note we do not accept fetish wear, or admirers, nor are we a dating group, we try to promote our lifestyle as normal.

The group is co-ordinated by Carole with Bryony, Brenda, Helena and Gill helping to keep things running.

Edweena is the website co-ord. Brenda is also our female rep, so if your partners have questions they can ask her.

If you need advice, Tricia is willing to give talks to various groups and authorities to bring a better understanding of transgender to the general public. Tricia and Ann will also meet you at the door and bring you into the group.

If you have any photos or suggestions (polite ones please) to be posted just email them to us, but first, please, make sure that all in the photo are happy to have them on the site, and be aware of our partners maybe not wanting to be on a photo that you would like posted.

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